Halibut Stew

Halibut Stew

Raven and his two men were fishing in a canoe. They had traveled further out in the water than they had ever gone before. Soon they were engulfed by a dense fog.

The fog was so dense that the trio lost their balance and did not know where they were.

Suddenly, on the bow of the canoe apperaed a beautiful woman. “ I will show you the way to my village and to safety,” she said.” After a short time, Raven fell in love with Fog Woman, and they were married. They were very happy until a food shortage befell the village. Everyone was short of food except Fog Woman, who always had plenty of salmon in her cooking pot.

Being a very curious creature, Raven follows Fog Woman to the creek. There he witnesses her swirl her fingers in the water and out ump beautiful salmon. He asks how she makes this happen, but she won’t tell him. Raven grumbles and returns to the village.

Again, Raven asks how she produces the salmon. She refuses to tell him. This time Raven says,
“If you won’t tell me, then be gone1” At this she turns into Fog and rolls out to sea calling
“ I will come to you only as Fog, but I will return so you and the village will have plenty of food.”

That is how we get Salmon and Fog today.

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Sizes (in height):

8", 10"

Please Note:

Due to the handmade nature of this item, no two pieces are identical, coloration and approximate sizing may vary.