Alaskan Totem Poles

Eagle Human

Hand carved from yellow cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska. Totems are a traditional way of honoring a legend or individual. Each totem comes with a story card describing the totem’s significance and meaning.
made in alaska
hand crafted
authentic alaska native art




Eagle Human

I Hear him, Grandfather. His call is echoing off the hills. It sounds so important.

He beckons you, my son, to look into the future, as he has done. The most powerful vision. It is he who represents prestige and power. Eagle has always protected this village from harm.

You are of the Eagle clan, my son. Follow in Eagle’s direction. Eagle will always guide you. Become strong like his wings, powerful as his call. Grandfather, you know Eagle well.

Yes my son, for I am he.

This hand carved totem is made of old growth Native yellow cedar grown deep in the rain forests of Southeast Alaska.