Totem “Spirit of Eagle”


Totem Spirit of Eagle

Artist Pat Moore


Spirit of Eagle

“Eagle flying high could not believe what he saw. Bear had yet another salmon in his paw. If Eagle had a human face as he soared down, then across it you would find a mightily large frown.

‘Don’t you think you’re being just a little bit greedy?’ He said to Bear his eyes small and beady.

‘Be gone!’ Bear said with a very loud roar. And so he did. Eagle did soar.

‘So eat them all, I don’t care. Just see how well your tummy will fare.’

Later that day Eagle flew back with crow. They found Bear asleep next to the river’s flow. His tummy was big. No, a better word is huge. Eagle laughed, you could tell he was amused.

‘You ate all the salmon, you sleepy fool. Now as you lie there with your tummy ache you’ll sleep all winter in a hibernate state. Now, I can eat all I want and laugh and tease, fly and taunt.’

This is more than any eagle could ever want.”

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9", 12", 24"


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