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Mary and Jacques Regat met and married while studying at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

They began combining their talents to create stunningly beautiful works which extend beyond what either one could do alone. Working together on some projects while also maintaining their independence, they have created a varied collection of bronze pieces.

Jacques graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and minoring in anthropology. Mary, primarily a self-taught artist, began sculpting while living in a remote logging camp on Prince of Wales Island in Southeastern Alaska. Rather appropriately, her first efforts went into a 28-foot dugout canoe.


Note: some of our newer editions have a lacquer finish and do not need to be waxed. Dust lightly with a soft cloth and your good to go. But on the older editions follow instructions below for care.


  • Wax every four to six months with Neutral Kiwi shoe polish, which can be found in most grocery stores, Walmart or like stores.
  • Apply a light coat of wax to entire surface using a soft cloth of your hand, being careful not to get build up in crevasses or creases. Let dry for approximately five minutes. Buff lightly with a soft cloth, (save this cloth in plastic bag and use exclusively for your bonzes) avoid rubbing to hard on ridges as patina (color) will eventually wear off and leave a gold highlight.
  • Wood bases should also be waxed using same process.
  • General cleaning can be done using the same dust cloth and gently wiping off dust. Do not use a cloth that has been used for general dusting of furniture.


  • Simi chrome bronze polish, available in sports, hardware, and jewelry or motorcycle shops.
  • Precaution: do not get bronze polish on patina (colored) areas, it will remove the patina. If some accidentally lands on the patina area wipe immediately with soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Application: take a small amount on tip of folded paper towel or Q-tip and apply to area you wish to clean. Clean small area at a time wiping immediately with soft paper towel, buff to glowing shine. Continue on until all areas are clean.
  • Natural deepening fold is desirable, try to avoid touching the polished bronze, as this is what makes stain marks.


  • Wax in the creases of bronze will appear whitish. To remove this buildup, reapply wax to soften old wax. Take a pointed stick covered with a cloth and gently remove the build up while wax is still wet.
  • Can’t clean or dust rough areas? Try using a soft paint brush.
  • Avoid placing sculpture in hot direct sunlight if possible. Sunlight darkens bronzes over time and can activate the green patinas causing some red marbling. (This can be beautiful) Sometimes excessive moisture can affect the color causing dark colorations to appear, this is temporary and will disappear with dryer air.